Goal Actualization through Goal Non-Attachment

In a series of one on one coaching and teaching sessions, either via the phone or in person, I work with the individual to help them develop a personalized and Organic System of Goal Setting that is based on a gentle and nourishing philosophy of Goal Actualization through Goal Non-Attachment. Working together we articulate, hone and shape a series of Super Objectives then break those objectives down into Simple, Practical, Daily Actions.  Practical Goal Setting Technique (PGST) uses these Daily Actions to create a path on which you will learn to move toward your goals while embracing your fear as opposed to attempting the impossible task of achieving goals by avoiding fear. PGST employs a system of identifying states of resentment/obsession and through a written inventory process, discovering and surrendering the “Old Beliefs,” or habitual negative opinions, that trigger these states.  We then move into the acceptance of emotion, especially fear, as workable energy, coupled with the engagement of Action.  This process is presented and practiced in an extremely practical and simple manner.

When many of us “set” a goal it remains set in fantasy. We waste massive energy in an attempt to find a way to avoid the very natural resistance and pain that true growth always conjures. The great secret is this…there is no secret to avoiding pain and resistance!! This Resistance/Pain is necessary for growth; the Resistance/Pain is growth. The knowledge of this is only acquired through leaving fantasy behind and entering into Action. The idea of a powerful “Secret” that will enable one to avoid suffering and yet somehow still acquire the heart’s desire is the province of “magical thinking.” In actuality, the magic of Reality opens up when one begins to discover the difference between what is in your power and what is not in your power. PGST guides you to simply take action on what is in your power.

Develop The Necessary Vision And Skills

I believe many of us have woven a cocoon of neurosis, and our egos vacillate between the hope and fear that the completion of some perceived goal might magically annihilate this painful webbing. In my technique we seek to make friends with our neurosis and vacillating ego, not through a system of aggression or repression, but by gently, and with great compassion, taking action for the sake of taking action. In essence a plan of Simple, Practical, Daily Action becomes not the way to beat the ego, fear and neurosis, but a way to let go of a fixed interest on “result” and Surrender To Action Through Action.

For much of my early career as a professional actor I found that I wasn’t truly a professional in regards to my work ethic and career planning. I was in a habitual pattern of projected wishing and not a habitual pattern of effective action. It’s very easy to dream and wait for the “miracle” that will jump-start your career, but it’s almost guaranteed that it never happens! There are, of course, “breaks”, what I call Opportunity, which happen in any career, but one must be ready with the necessary vision and skills to take advantage of the “break.”

Unlock Your Own Guiding Virtue

Whether one is turning from an aspiring artist into a professional; transforming a stagnate job into a flourishing and thriving career; replacing self-destructive patterns with behaviors that are life empowering; or building lasting relationships of substance, the ability to develop and refine an effective plan of action is an absolute necessity.

PGST awakens an organic path that is forged by what you discover about yourself and your own unique energies.  I find the adage about “giving someone a fishing pole instead of a fish” to be very wise indeed.  My technique helps you to unlock your own Guiding Virtue. I help unearth the path that will lead you firmly and courageously in the direction of that which you are called to do.

If this work seems like something that could be of service to you, please contact me for further details and to arrange a free, introductory PGST session.