“I started working with Greg at a time when I was feeling lost and directionless. I had goals I wanted to achieve but didn’t know how to make progress or push through the noise and distractions that occur on a day to day basis. I made more literal progress within two months of working with him on both business and creative goals then I had in the last five years of trying to do it myself. I have seen my relationship improve, my writing advance and booked a major recurring role on NBC’s ‘Chicago PD’. In our own way, we all try and reinvent the wheel of life, Greg gives you the tools needed to do it.”

– Samuel Hunt – Series Regular on NBC’s Chicago P.D.

“I found Greg and PGST at a crossroads in my life and profession. I knew I wanted to take my career to the next level and felt ready but did not know how. It seemed like I kept self-sabotaging myself due to my own fears and was paralyzed in neutral. PGST helped me set a clear and focused path to my goals, big and small, and gave a gentle kick in the butt whenever I needed it. Suddenly, I wasn’t stressing myself out or catastrophizing every situation. Instead, I was making progress so quickly and simply, I achieved one of my Super Objectives within a month – I booked a big recurring role CW’s “The 100″ that eventually became a series regular! I feel I really owe a lot to Greg and his methods. I intend to use them in all aspects of my life, forever. Thank you Greg!”

– Lindsey Marie Morgan – Series Regular on CW’s The 100

“I’m so thankful to Greg for helping me tackle goals that I had been avoiding for years. I’ve found that his technique of committing to doing just 20 minutes a day is so huge for me – it’s the perfect amount of time I can commit to without feeling overwhelmed and giving up. Greg was super smart about regrouping, recommitting, and reworking our system when things fell apart for me at times. Old me would have just fallen off the wagon and stayed there, whereas now I have a much more practical attitude about what it means to commit to something and how to persist even when I’m not perfect. I’m also amazed by how much I avoid every day because I’m subconsciously afraid or anxious about it. This is a silly example, but I realized this week that I had been avoiding trying a certain gym for years because I wasn’t sure where I would park – so I finally signed up found out that lo and behold they have a parking lot! It’s totally ridiculous, but I’m realizing I do stuff like that all the time. Greg has helped me to be much more conscious about when I’m acting or not acting because of fear and old beliefs.”

– Julie Lake – Series Regular on Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black

“I found Greg via a close friend who had benefited from his technique and council.
My first session with Greg gave me a big “aha!” moment as to why I wasn’t moving forward in many of my creative goals. As I continued to see Greg, and to do the practical work, I watched myself inch towards them, eventually accomplishing what seemed to be so difficult to achieve in the past. I had been helping friends with their video projects for years, and only creating my own if they were sanctioned by my job. With Greg’s help, I made my first video project for myself in years.

Having a kind, spirited, and empathetic coach who holds me accountable is ideal for me, along with a system that sets realistic expectations, and doesn’t collapse when I don’t do it perfectly.
There are days I come home from work exhausted. All I want to do is turn on the TV, eat, drink, and zone out. I know now, though, that 20 minutes of work towards my goal is doable, no matter what, and when that thought hits me, I jump up, and put in the time that helps keep me in motion on all the things I want. It also makes me feel really, really good.”

– Laurel Miller Creative Producer

“Working with Greg has changed my life. Within ONE month of working with Greg I booked a part in a major blockbuster film, a guest star in a pilot and a role in a web series. I did all of that by using the principles and techniques that Greg has taught me. Practical Goal Setting Technique is designed to help any individual conquer their fears. It helps to identify exactly what is holding you back and then teaches you how to break through. Not only has Greg helped to get my career going, he has also helped bring a balance into my life. This balance has improved my relationship, got me playing tennis again, volunteering, and has just made me a happier person over-all. Needless to say, I will be working with Greg for a VERY long time.”

– Rob Silverman

“Greg helps you look at the core of what is holding you back from achieving your full G-d given potential. He gives you the tools to achieve the dreams you have been too scared to pursue, whether in love, work, or your journey in life. For me, the compassionate life skills I have been learning through the PGST approach have had a tremendous affect on how I conduct my business, and most of all how I lead my personal life. Is there anything more to life than learning to fulfill the highest good of your G-d given potential? PGST works – period.”

– Vice President of Wealth Management at a Fortune 500 Company

“We are a writer and a photographer duo and we came to Greg for help in building a multi-media artistic platform that was little more than a seed of an idea. Within a few months we had launched our website, clarified for ourselves the essence of our goals, and learned the basic tools to continue to integrate our lives and our work in a way that is meaningful, effective and fulfilling. The material rewards of working with Greg are too many and varied to list here – prize nominations, a fellowship, multiple publications, gallery shows to name a few – but the most priceless rewards have been those of making work that comes from our hearts, learning how to boldly face the vulnerability that goes hand in hand with living with integrity and courage, learning to navigate and relish the ever-fluctuating seas of being human. Greg coaches so effectively because he has done the work himself, and continues to show up on a daily basis. He is an exceptional human and he helps bring out the exceptional human in those he works with. PGST has been nothing less than life changing for us.”

– Hanne Steen and Carla Richmond

“After taking years off, I decided to come back and work towards a career, giving it the focus that it needed. I spent a year feeling completely lost and paralyzed by fear. I was second-guessing my decision to enter back into the entertainment industry and felt compelled to give up and do something else with my life. I couldn’t turn off the noise in my head and was overwhelmed at where to even start and how to make things happen for myself. I heard Greg speak at an intro to PGST and everything he said resonated with me. For the first time in a long time, I didn’t feel so alone in my thoughts and worries. I started working with him immediately and everything in my life shifted. Suddenly, I had balance in my world, which affected all my relationships. I felt empowered and inspired. I wrote three new pilots and pitched them in a live theatre setting with 35 actors and 6 directors. I wrote a 5 part web series that I directed and co starred in and just wrote and shot 2 short films. Whenever doubt starts to creep in, I can quickly identify what my fears are and face them. Greg has undoubtedly given me the tools to effectively work through obstacles and triumph over them. I am forever grateful for his technique and his genuine care for people and watching them achieve their goals.”

– Kimberly Aboltin

“I could go on and on about how amazingly life changing Greg’s technique is. How it changed how I tackled my day to day goals. How it gave my life that was going in thirty different directions a focus to create and excel. How he reinstated my belief in myself and what I was out here to do. Like I said, I could go on and on BUT instead of that I will simply say that within a month of working with him I booked a guest star role on NBC’s “The Office”, booked a supporting role in a movie, booked two national voice-overs, finally shot the first episode of my web series that I had put off for years and got a theatrical agent. So, yeah, Greg is great. PGST is great, and learning to follow your dreams the right way is amazing. Excited for what’s to come….”

– Ryan Bailey

“When I met Greg I had three objectives: Develop a successful creative outlet, let go of a toxic work place, and grow my “girlfriend” status to “Wife” status. A year later I have a TV Pilot completed with the green light to develop into a live show, a Professional Organizing business, I own several rental properties, and I am MARRIED!!! Greg was able to take everything I wanted to build in my life and break it down into small, manageable steps. This allowed me to accomplish goals that for so long seemed to “large” to acquire. The self-defeating thoughts that pulled me away from what I wanted were easily deconstructed through PGST. Once dismantled, these beliefs no longer had the power to sabotage my goals. I can’t stress enough how much this man changed my life for the better, and in such a relatively short period of time.”

– Monica Himmel

“In the last few months I’ve worked with Greg, I’ve noticed both my attitude and beliefs toward my goals, both in acting and life in general, improve greatly. I’ve been able to move past obstacles that have stopped me before and I can see real progress, including an increase in the number of auditions I get, a larger network of acting professionals, and greater confidence in my skills. I’m no longer just ‘wishing’ or ‘dreaming’ of acting, I’m taking the necessary steps to produce real results. Greg’s approach is not only beneficial for furthering an acting career, but also great for all aspects of life. I’ve been able to manage my time more effectively and not get stuck in unproductive patterns. I highly recommend Greg to anyone at any stage in their acting career, or other profession, who wants to get to the next step but isn’t sure how. Greg sets manageable, practical goals while also helping understand what’s keeping an individual from moving forward. Looking back at where I started, I’m amazed at the progress I’ve already made in the last few months.”

– Michael Kammerer

“I run a successful photography business and wanted to expand. What I found in working with Greg was that his technique offers expansion in all areas of life – career, financial goals, relationships… PGST simplifies the process of finding time and getting your mind outside of any current realms of thinking that may have you stuck. Working with Greg is challenging in all the right ways. The developments that I saw within the first two weeks were greater than I had been experiencing all year. Highly recommended!”

– Marc Cartwright

“Working with Greg has given me some of the most crucial, effective, durable tools in my toolbox. In the past year, I have gone from dreaming of starting up a private yoga teaching practice to having a thriving practice that takes place in a perfect space that came into being right in my own home. I have gone from someone who for four decades has thought and talked (ad nauseam) about wanting to write–to someone who’s writing every day. (Psst: it’s not about the goals. It’s about your relationship to them, and your willingness to move forward a tiny bit every day. It’s about your relationship to yourself.) Working with him pointed me both inward, outward, and forward at the same moment. He’s psychologically and spiritually astute, insightful, hilarious, and, uh, practical. Well worth the money, twice over. If you’re thinking about working with him, just stop thinking and do it.
You will be so glad you did.”

– Tina Lear

“PGST is working great for me. I have signed with the Wilhelmina Agency on both coasts, started writing the short film I’d been putting off for a year, and I’ve applied and gotten into my nutrition school of choice. I have also clarified my relationship with my commercial agency in LA, and am going on WAY more commercial auditions and callbacks. My auditions and workouts have improved, time in class is more fun, and I think it’s all because my stress levels have decreased, while my sense of productivity has increased!
Thanks again Greg for your incredibly helpful coaching! I am forever grateful.”

– Bonnie Swencionis

“I have met with a few different career coaches, but for reasons I did not understand, I did not see any positive forward movement in my career or my life as a result.

Greg doesn’t profess to be a career or life coach, but for me, he is exactly that. Or, to be more accurate, he has taught me to be my own coach. His technique has helped me so ridiculously much that I am finally taking a strong hold of my career AND my life in ways I never thought imaginable. The structure, focus and direction of his technique make it possible for ANYONE who has problems being consistent, facing their fears (or even realizing what the heck those damned fears are!), doing too much so that they burn out, doing too little so that they become overwhelmed and discouraged, and especially for those who HATE the business side of acting (ps – those were all ME). Practical Goal Setting Technique helped me completely fall in love with the day-to-day business of what it really means to be an actor. My previously held hate was an enormous road-block.

I am now making moves in my career that I was terrified to make a few months ago. As a result, I booked my first commercial and I have an offer from an amazing boutique theatrical agency (and I have NO recognizable credits so I seriously thought that was IMPOSSIBLE). As icing, I am facing some very hindering issues in my personal life that before working with Greg, I wasn’t even conscious of (and in many ways were preventing me from the forward momentum I so craved in my career). I thank Greg for that, from the bottom of my heart.”

– Deanna Noe

“Greg’s help has turned my career around in less than two months. I booked a recurring role on the hit show “Justified”! I have already achieved one of my three “Super Objectives” right on schedule, and I continue to feel more empowered than ever before to accomplish all of my life goals. The work we do together is simple and effective, and Greg’s coaching is gentle and wise. “Perfection” and “failure” are slowly leaving my vocabulary, and I am discovering the art of making my own choices–taking my own actions–with confidence and relaxed determination.”

– Madeline Blue

“When I began working with Greg, I had been struggling with (among other things) periods, sometimes long, sometimes short, of writers block. Since working with Greg, my relationship with music and writing as a whole has changed profoundly, and as a result I’ve found a totally new sound, written and recorded an entire new album, found new management, and am beginning to play bigger and better gigs. It’s funny, as I’m writing this little blurb, I’m realizing how unlikely and farfetched all of this sounds, but it’s all true, and it’s a testament to how amazing Greg is and how incredible his ability to help people is as well. I can say, with full sincerity, that my approach not just to my career, but also my life, has profoundly changed. I can’t put into words how grateful I am to have found such an amazing mentor and coach. In conversations with those who aren’t familiar with him or PGST, I’ve often found myself describing the experience as one that has given me insight that I never before could have imagined I’d have. Or perhaps I could say it’s opened a door for me that, whether I walk through it or not, will never be closed. And here’s the scoop: I am walking through, and it feels truly wonderful.”

– Austin Hartley-Leonard

“I just had a table read for my new recurring role on ABC Family’s “Jane By Design”! Three and a half months ago I sat down with Greg and using PGST I articulated the following Super Objective – “Book a series regular role on a network television series and/or book a speaking role on a SAG studio feature.” Long story short, I hit the bulls eye!”

– Bryan Dechart

“I met Greg Sims and was introduced to his PGST system 3 months ago. I was going through a dry spell in my acting career and was looking for ways to make things better…PGST came to my rescue. In just three months Greg has taught me how to get my sh*t together. It is amazing how a personalized road map otherwise known as PRACTICAL GOAL SETTING TECHNIQUE started to change my life…And I say life because all areas of it have improved tremendously, not just my acting career. It’s all tied together and I am so happy. I just booked a TV role on a network show and things are cooking again. Thank you Greg! It’s on!!!”

– Jacqueline Pinol

“Before working with Greg, I “thought” about going back to work as a professional actress – for years. I had ideas on what to maybe do. But all I did was think about it. After working with Greg I have signed with two different and wonderful talent agencies – theatrically and commercially. I have tested for a pilot. I booked a multi-picture deal to play a fantastic role in all three films based on The Hunger Games novels. I am currently in a leading role in a fabulous play at the Geffen Theater.

Working with Greg has gently and amazingly changed the way I get things done. In a very practical, non-judgmental and inspirational way Greg has helped me shift my perspective on HOW I can have a successful life. I have a system I can go to. I can rely on.

I love working with Greg and I’m looking forward to continuing our work into the future. If you are thinking about what to do next I recommend highly and without reservations to call Greg and schedule an appointment to begin working towards meaningful and life changing goals.”

– Kimiko Gelman

“Ever feel like you’re banging your head against the wall, and even the smallest steps in the right direction are insurmountable? Me too. I’ve trained with two other top sales/business development coaches searching for that magical key to force my way into my dreams. I ended up with lists of to-do’s, and I was not-doing any of them.

Greg’s Practical Goal Setting Technique absolutely blew away my previous ideas and understandings of work and taking action. Here’s the deal. You will never NEVER, NEVER be perfect! So why is that even a bar to measure by? By gently and imperfectly practicing our daily goals of checking off the smallest of to-do’s, we make progress. We learn from that progress and gently do it again. Then again.

Greg taught me how to unlock my dreams, manage underlying fears, overcome any resistance and gently take action. Now I am proactively creating my own opportunities instead of waiting for someone to give me a shot. Life is gentle and enjoyable.

Thanks Greg for your continued guidance.”

– Ryan McKenzie

“PGST is not some “guaranteed to make your dreams come true” crash-course. It’s about learning how to turn dreaming into doing with rigorous honesty, willingness and gentleness. By consistently taking the simple daily actions of PGST, I’ve transformed the way I view, think and ultimately act towards my dreams and goals. I used to think of “Goals” as a dirty word. I now see my goals as a simple plan to engage imagination with reality. It’s no longer me against the universe, it’s me plus the universe, and I no longer have to bear the energy-wasting responsibility of obsessing over the outcome. With Greg’s help, I’m no longer wasting energy analyzing why I’m not pursuing my goals…I’m taking real actions pursuing them….with the peace of mind that with my effort plus the will of the universe (as manifested by those who might support my work) my creative dreams may or may not happen….but I’ll know one way or another because I showed up and did my honest best.”

– Chris Reccardi

“I am forever grateful to have come across Greg Sims and PGST this past year. Before working with him, I felt like a blind person walking around trying to figure things out and then getting frustrated with myself when nothing was happening. Greg and PGST has not only allowed me to be much more focused on my career by setting and achieving small, detailed, realistic goals; but has also given me so much enlightenment to what is important in my life and has showed me that everything is workable just by showing up. I love coming to see Greg every week knowing that I will never be judged and always be supported and guided in the right direction. Greg is an incredible mentor in this crazy business and I am so looking forward to continuing our work together – one little step at a time.”

– Marisa Hood

“I cannot say enough for Greg’s work. When I began working with Greg, I was unable to focus on following through with my goals. I had a habit of starting one thing, working very hard, and then giving up and moving to a new goal. Creative ideas and no follow through.

With Greg’s method, I’ve found how to consistently pursue one goal. It has been amazing. Since beginning to work with Greg, I’ve had constant work for my own business, bought a new home, and even booked a speaking engagement. This has all happened while I have watched my two young children at home. It has only been possible because of Greg’s encouraging, consistent, and creative way of guiding me to new understanding and action.”

– Kirsten H.

“We all have times in our lives where we simply can’t break free from the grips of our emotions. Those emotions leave us in a perpetual state of inaction and mental paralysis. Greg helps you manage those moments so that you’re able to manage your life. His technique offers concrete tools and tangible ideas that allow you to reclaim the power that is already within you to heal yourself and live a productive and fulfilling life. Greg has a unique perspective on human psychology thanks to his creative background, and the courage he’s demonstrated through his own self-reflection that is both revelatory and inspirational. He demonstrates the ability to listen without judgment and convey his “tough-love” practices with compassion and praise. He is a remarkable teacher. My crazy world continues to revolve—Greg’s work has helped me celebrate the crazy!”

– Natasha C.

“Never having done anything like this before, I couldn’t really have expected how powerful and influential this work would become in my life. I’ve always been one to start a new endeavor with great enthusiasm and energy only to have it fizzle out over time. Then, I would find myself trying to grab at whatever I could, not really being true to what I really wanted and needed.

Utilizing Greg’s structure and technique on how to work, I can funnel all of my energy and enthusiasm into actions that build real results. After only two weeks of establishing a super objective and action plan for getting an exciting and steady job, I was able to capitalize on a job opportunity that I was practically sitting right on top of! I don’t think, given my previous work patterns, I would have recognized the opportunity that arrived just in that moment. I am now breaking sales records at my company for two months running! Greg’s work helped me do that, and now I’m on to the next goal!”

– Peter H.

“Greg’s approach comes from that of someone who is searching and discriminating and discovering as he goes, which brings a humility to the whole process. By following Greg’s system of documenting simple tasks and then reflecting upon them, I have awakened the passion to create that had been rendered dormant by years of fear and self-doubt. And the task is to now maintain and care for this creatively and to let it breathe. Greg has allowed me to understand that the only one stopping me from having a fulfilling creative life is myself. With his help I am learning to forgive myself and walk into the uncertainty with my eyes open and head high”

– James B.

“Greg’s compassionate, yet firm coaching style has enabled me to access necessary growth and insight into how I approach life and my success in the world, both personally and professionally. He helped me open up to a whole other part of myself and helped me give myself permission to feel what comes up (and it does inherently) and develop the skills to move forward, no matter what. He has shown me the value of the emotional “muck” and how it actually has such a great, even practical purpose in my life. I am so grateful for what he has taught me.”

– Katie L.

“I have been working with Greg for about two months now. The changes that have occurred have been tremendous. Greg has the uncanny ability to pinpoint exactly what needs to be focused on to jump-start a flagging career. I have a very busy life and schedule and he was able to extract what was fundamentally wrong about why I was not getting work as an actor. I have found that a weekly session with Greg goes a long way in keeping my career at the forefront of my busy life. Greg is the real deal. He is an artist himself and he practices what he preaches. That’s just it! He doesn’t preach he just does. He gets you excited about your future and at the same time gently guides you into the “doing” of your career and your life. As an aside, I hadn’t booked a paying job for months before I started working with Greg. Within six weeks of our sessions together, I was flown out to North Carolina for a big “paying” job!”

– P.J. K.

“The PGST technique Greg has devised takes one from the impossible to the very possible through clear, doable actions taken every day. As they say, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”, Greg is able to get you to take those first steps with excitement and clarity. Greg has been able to help me break down my goals into actions that are in my power to attain. Amazing!”

– Bob P.

“Greg is a fantastic coach and person. Both are involved in PGST because the work Greg has you do is the work he does and he is a shining and inspiring example of the work. I call Greg my “action coach” and my “show up coach” because that is what he is helping me do, show up for myself, my life and my goals in a practical daily way. Through working with Greg and PGST, I am moving forward not only towards my goals, but also into a new way of looking at and experiencing my life and myself. I am so happy and grateful to know Greg and to have him as my coach. The wonderful support, encouragement, guidance, tools, understanding, inspiration, kindness and co-creation of the work that he offers are golden and truly a blessing in my life.”

– Justine K.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Greg for the past 3 months. PGST is amazing. It’s made tasks that seemed tedious before simple and even enjoyable. I have applied his method of work to not only my acting career but also life in general. In using the plan I have developed with Greg, I feel accomplished and satisfied at the end of the day. His dedication to the craft alone is inspiring. I feel very fortunate to have him as a mentor and teacher.”

– Jill S.

“I’ve been an actress for many years, plugging along on my own. I’ve never had anyone in my corner supporting me or helping me. Having Greg’s valuable insight and positive energy are giving me a boost and regeneration I’ve never had before. I’ve booked two jobs and had two new agents come knocking on my door, asking to represent me since I’ve begun working with Greg. There is now light at the end of the tunnel. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

– Rebecca Brooks

“PGST really gets things moving in a positive direction, no matter what area of your life you choose to apply it to. If you stick with it, it works wonders. And it’s all you!”

– Vanessa C.

“The growth I experienced through working with Greg was profound. Through PGST and Greg’s support, I was able to go places and see choices I never would have. The whole experience of working with Greg has expanded my ideas about myself and about what is possible.”

– Danny S.

“Greg’s passion and honesty jump-starts not only your career, but your whole life!”

– Jennifer Murphy