The Life That Is Waiting!

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“We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”
-Joseph Campbell

Amen Mr. Campbell!

This beautifully resonant sentiment is at the very heart of what we are after with PGST. And, as with most great truths, there is a seeming contradiction bubbling on its surface. Because “the life we’ve planned” is often not the life we’ve chosen. Meaning, we can think we have decided on a course of action, that we are moving along a path we freely entered after conscious deliberation, but, in reality, an inner and unconscious manipulation has often driven us forward. For example, a friend of mine once took the New York bar exam. Two minutes into the test, a young lady sitting near him slammed her pencil down, stood up, and said, “F*@k my father!”, and stormed out of the room. I love that story! I like to imagine this young woman thought she chose to become a lawyer, but, at the last minute, thank God, she was made aware that some Old Belief was actually driving her behavior; an Old Belief most likely implanted, consciously or unconsciously, by dear old dad. Leaving the test room that day she had the opportunity to now discover the life that was waiting for her.

If we are obsessing upon and worshiping our goals/plans, there is something that we must be rid of. Whether that something is an Old Belief that has taken root at the base of the goal, or it is the goal itself that needs to be loosed, remains to be seen, but something must be surrendered in order for real growth to occur. This doesn’t mean we need to give up our dream of becoming “a consistently working professional actor” or “having my ____ business bring in $100,000 in pure profit over the next six months”, but it does mean we need to have the courage to detach from the fantasy bonfire that our distorted ego has created and see what Reality is offering when the smoke clears. And here is the super, ultra-groovy news – Reality and True Calling always work together and never contradict!

The tools of PGST, and my personal coaching skills, are designed to help the individual frame, articulate and surrender the wholly workable Old Beliefs that are blocking them from accepting Reality and moving toward their True Calling. Or, as Mr. Campbell said, toward the “life that is waiting”!