...sow well, reap nothing...
- Lao Tsu


Develop A Personalized And Organic System Of Goal Setting

Practical Goal Setting Technique (PGST) is based on a gentle and nourishing philosophy of Goal Actualization through Goal Non-Attachment. Working together we set a series of Super Objectives, then break those down into Simple, Practical, Daily Actions.  PGST uses these actions to create a path on which you will learn to move towards your goals while embracing your fear.

Find A Viable Path Towards Consistent Practical Action

Whether one is turning from an aspiring artist into a professional; transforming a stagnant job into a flourishing and thriving career; replacing self-destructive patterns with behaviors that are life empowering; or building lasting relationships of substance, the ability to develop, refine and follow through on an effective plan of action is an absolute necessity.

Harness And Make Friends With Your Own Unique Energies

PGST is based not on the impossible task of emotional and psychological mastery but on taking daily, practical action despite whatever you might be feeling or thinking. Make friends with your neurosis and ego by gently, and with great compassion, taking action for the sake of taking action. Unearth a path that leads you firmly and courageously toward that which you are truly called to do.